I’m spoiled

When I was a kid, growing up in Palo Alto, California, my Dad used to always tell me, “Son, you’re lucky that we live in Palo Alto. There’s nowhere better than this”.

As an entrepreneur who lives in Palo Alto today, the more I think my Dad was right. Palo Alto is the world’s best place to live if you’re an entrepreneur because you’re always surrounded by new ideas, and lots of other entrepreneurs. It’s so exciting to discover something new online, only to realize it was created by someone who lives just blocks away.

Today, I’m at home getting over a cold. It’s raining, and instead of trying to find something to watch on TV, I’m laying around listening to some new podcasts. I just discovered John Furrier’s Podtech.net for the first time and I’m really digging it so far. Of course, I wasn’t surprised at all to read that John is an entrepreneur and lives somewhere in Palo Alto, too. I just reminded myself that I’m spoiled living in Palo Alto, and put on my shoes to head out for a cup of the world’s best coffee.

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