A friend of mine recently asked me to have a chat with Chuck Groom, one of the creators of a new service called Billmonk. When Chuck first began to explain his business to me, I’ll admit, it took me a few minutes to decide if this was an original concept, or just PayPal’s “group money request” feature with an improved interface around it. After talking with Chuck and signing up for Billmonk though, I realized it has nothing to do with PayPal at all (at the present time). In fact, right now Billmonk doesn’t support any type of ecommerce gateway.

Billmonk has big potential, but before it can be a “real thing” it needs to integrate a payment engine of some kind in order to really fill the need. According to Chuck, it won’t be long before they do. Till then, Billmonk is well, kind of like a wiki for small debts and IOU’s between people you know and trust. I recommend you check it out.

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