Premium, one-time selling

A half-baked idea for how to differentiate a merchant ecommerce service:

I just did a Google search for “sell one product”. I saw plenty of services and products that would allow me to setup a website, buy a shopping cart, apply for a merchant account, do some advertising, and eventually start selling my product; but what if I didn’t want to go through all that?

I know. I could get a PayPal account and sell my item on eBay, right? I guess that would probably be the fast-track way for the average person to sell something online. But if it were me, I wouldn’t want to use the “average way” that everyone else is using. I’m the type of person that would be willing to pay extra for a premium, one-off merchant experience. I would pay extra to have an elegant, disposable e-store that would make my product look fantastic, and make me look professional – and definitely not cheap or cheesy.

For a one-time, flat rate I want to upload a photo and description of what I want to sell and have someone else take care of the details (fee would include Google ad purchase, transaction cost for the credit card payment, and maybe some graphic design customization if needed) and publish the thing in less than twenty four hours.

Someone out there is probably offering this, but I couldn’t find it.

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