Can your office space be lucky?

165 University Ave. Palo Alto
During the late ’90s, a certain office space in downtown Palo Alto played host to several start-up companies. What was the one thing all the companies had in common? All the companies that started there became incredibly successful. 165 University Avenue doesn’t look like much from the outside (actually, it was pretty awful inside too) but this is the place where some very famous companies all got their start. PayPal (that’s where I used to work) Google, then Danger Research (they’re the guys who created the Sidekick mobile device); all these companies got things off the ground in the same crumby little office space. I never met the property owner, but I was told he made a fortune by accepting stock options in lieu of rent from some tenants.

Yesterday, my new neighbors moved in across the alley from us here in downtown San Mateo.They’re old friends from PayPal who have launched a wildly popular service called Youtube. They just closed on $3.5 million from Roelof at Sequoia . So, now that our little neighborhood here in downtown San Mateo is starting to buzz with innovation, I’m hoping that Coinbridge and Youtube brought some of that luck from the old 165 building to our new neighborhood. I sure hope so.

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  1. Ben Says:

    Hahah, too funny. Watch out for those YouTube guys, I hear they are a little bit crazy. Seems like San Mateo might be the new hotspot for starting up T.N.B.T. tm (The Next Big Thing)

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